Jazz at the Prairie Ink Restaurant

Get ready for lots of post like this. We have been playing in the cafe inside McNally Robinson since 2000. When they had a location inside Portage Place, we played there and when they had a location at Polo Park Mall, we played there.

We have played there a lot. As it is now we play there once per month. It is a good fit and one of our favorite places to play, to eat, to buy CDs, to buy books and so much more.

Almost anytime we have new material to try, we showcase it there. We have played there as a duo and as a trio. We played there when Adelle was pregnant and, the now 17 year old, has seen us there uncounted times!

You can find our dates for Prairie Ink and other events on our Calendar.


Or you can write us at theburtonsjazz@hotmail.com

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