Home Parties and House Concerts

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A popular option these days is to have a House Concert or a House Party featuring live Music.

While the idea of a house concert is not new, most involve folk music and indie musicians. Imagine the class and elegance of a jazz concert with professional Winnipeg musicians! Set your party

Thinking that your home is too small for a live band? No problem, The Burton’s can play as a duo, take up a little space and then lift your party well beyond the iPod on Shuffle

Imagine how honoured your guests will feel that you went to the trouble of having a professional musician to entertain them at your home!

There is no need for you to provide anything except a electricity and a place to play. Indoors or out we can make it work.

We offer a wide selection of ensembles to offer further options for making sure the music at your event is just right.

Because of this we can provide a musical setting that best reflects your needs from event size to budget. From background music to something that engages you and your guests more.

While our groups are jazz based we also do a wide variety of popular music from many decades to keep everyone happy.

We can do it in Winnipeg or, if you want, play at your summer home.

Check out some of our YouTube Videos and imagine us playing in your Living Room!

The Burton’s Jazz Groups
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