December 13th The Burton Jazz Trio Winnipeg

On December the 13th we did our monthly gig at the Prairie Ink Restaurant inside McNally Robinson Booksellers here in Winnipeg.

It has been a while since we did it as at trio. Last month Adelle was sick and the previous 2 months all our 3rd parties were busy.

Being a ‘let’s get together before the holidays’type of crowd, they were loud and not really interested in the music. (At least the first set) The rest of the night went well and the music lovers stayed behind.

April 27th McNally Robinson

The next night had us playing at our home away from home, Prairie Ink Restaurant! We have been playing here as long as we have been living here (19 years). We have been with them through a few location additions (Portage Place and Polo Park). They are, quite simply, a Winnipeg institution. I think there is only a handful of places in the city that have had live music continuously like this.

Having just done a night of mostly pop music, we stuck to our jazz repertoire this night.

April 26th Army, Navy, Air force veterans Hall

Our second shot at bringing jazz to the John Osborne ANAVETS club. I is a funny gig. On one hand, a great big stage where we actually have room for our stuff, on the other hand, no one stays for the music. Another place that expects the band to bring friends. On top of which, their hall next door, had a dance booked and they played their canned music so loud you could here them louder than us. I actually got a migraine for the second time in my life!

Too bad. We are pros so we carried on. It also gives a chance to work with our looper, drum backing RC-50 and to insert all of our non jazz repertoire. We figure you never know when that will come in handy!

Not Quite a Jazz Gig

Got an unusual (for us) booking at the Army, Navy & Air force veterans of Canada (ANAVETS) club here in Winnipeg. A friend of mine from Church is booking the club. Now typically the groups they have there are bigger and louder, but he is putting in a wide variety. Good on him.

We wove in some classic rock, soul, country, pop, etc. songs into our jazz mainstays for this January 18th gig. With the help of technology in the form of live looping, we are able to give a full band type of sound to all the material.

Floor effects for
From left to Right Bose mixer Boss RC50 looper/ drum machine & Boss GT-6 Guitar Processor

Jazz and Pop at the Legion in Winnipeg

So with the music of Cole Porter, Gershwin, Sinatra, Ella, etc. we folded in the music of The Eagles, The Bee Gees, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Cindy Lauper.

I will tell you it was one of the coldest nights in the middle of a terrible cold snap.

I used 3 guitars for this gig as the stage is large and I wanted to add variety to the sound.

3 7 string guitars on stage in Winnipeg
All 7 strings; Ibanez Artist solid body, Agile Baritone Acoustic and Godin Nylon

Till Next Time

The Burton’s Jazz Groups
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Winnipeg Manitoba
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January 4th McNally Robinson

You will see this type of post each month. We have been playing here for nearly 20 years, we did our CD release here, we buy books and CDs here and we eat a lot here.

The only significance of this gig was it was my inaugural gig with my new Godin 7 String Classical Guitar.

It was a it to get used to but it did the job fantastically and I know I will use it extensively in the future! I plugged directly into our Bose L1S2 system and added my EH Freeze pedal here and there.

That’s all, another gig at the Prairie Ink in Winnipeg.

Till Next Time.

The Burton’s Jazz Groups


Jazz at the Prairie Ink Restaurant

Get ready for lots of post like this. We have been playing in the cafe inside McNally Robinson since 2000. When they had a location inside Portage Place, we played there and when they had a location at Polo Park Mall, we played there.

We have played there a lot. As it is now we play there once per month. It is a good fit and one of our favorite places to play, to eat, to buy CDs, to buy books and so much more.

Almost anytime we have new material to try, we showcase it there. We have played there as a duo and as a trio. We played there when Adelle was pregnant and, the now 17 year old, has seen us there uncounted times!

You can find our dates for Prairie Ink and other events on our Calendar.

Or you can write us at

Friday Night Jazz in Winnipeg

Finding live jazz music in this town can be daunting. If you are visiting from else where finding a safe clean place to experience live music can be hard. One place I would make your first stop is The Prairie Ink restaurant inside the McNally Robinson Book store.

In one for or another McNally has been a Winnipeg institution for nearly 40 years. We have been playing there for 20 years. Although they have gone through a few changes, it still feels like home to us. We play there 12 times a year and it has been a great place for and to us. We also love to eat in the place and many Sundays after a Saturday night show will see us return to eat brunch or lunch!

We have do this as a duo but usually we are a trio and ususally the bass player is one Mr. Steve Hamilton. I’d hyper link this but he has no website but trust me he is very good and a good human.

November Gig For Manitoba Hemp Growers

As stated before we do lots of different kinds of gigs. The November 20th gig at the Delta Hotel here in Winnipeg was no different. We were playing for the CHTA (Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance). I guess in the shadow of Canada legalizing pot, that this was not as shocking a thing, or the need to educate/excuse the difference between hemp and pot.

Anyways they requested a jazz quartet, wanted vocals but not drums and so the rare Voice, Guitar, Upright Bass and Piano jazz quartet is born. On Keys, Mike Manny, on Bass Larry Bjornson with Adelle and Robert Burton on voice and guitar.

It was a loud crowd and the drums would have been a better fit but the customer always gets what they want. Anyways fun times and nice room.