Friday Night Jazz in Winnipeg

Finding live jazz music in this town can be daunting. If you are visiting from else where finding a safe clean place to experience live music can be hard. One place I would make your first stop is The Prairie Ink restaurant inside the McNally Robinson Book store.

In one for or another McNally has been a Winnipeg institution for nearly 40 years. We have been playing there for 20 years. Although they have gone through a few changes, it still feels like home to us. We play there 12 times a year and it has been a great place for and to us. We also love to eat in the place and many Sundays after a Saturday night show will see us return to eat brunch or lunch!

We have do this as a duo but usually we are a trio and ususally the bass player is one Mr. Steve Hamilton. I’d hyper link this but he has no website but trust me he is very good and a good human.

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