Our Sound System

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Our Sound System.

We are the only event music company to use the Bose L1 system 2 B1 on all appropriate events.
Why? Because it is really expensive and we are the only ones that committed to sounding the best we can.

While other, amateur, music providers are scrambling to rent what’s left over on their way to your event, we have one ready to go, for all indoor events and many outdoor events.

Why is this system so great? Well you can read about it on their website but in short they use a line array of speakers that point in 195 degrees evenly. This mean the sound isn’t just pointed out straight at the audience with hot spots and dead zones.

As well, this system keeps the volume fairly consistent throughout the listening area. This means it doesn’t have to be really loud at the front to be heard at the back.

Finally this system takes up very little space and is easy to set up and tear down.

The system is available for clients use when you book The Burton’s for your event!

Winnipeg Sound System

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