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Acoustic Jazz with a Pop Twist, Electric Pop with a Jazz Twist

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One of our many services is to play music at corporate events. Mainly we do the receptions and dinner. We provide relaxing background music to make the transition from meeting mode to relaxing mode. Typically we start playing before the first guests arrive so they feel welcome and know they are in the right place.

We Do:

  • Breakfast Meetings
  • Registration Receptions
  • Lunch Meetings
  • Dinners and receptions

We deal with all our clients with professionalism, reliability, punctuality and timely responses to all questions. With this Client focused approach we can then provide the perfect music ensemble to match your needs.

We offer a wide selection of ensembles to offer further options for making sure the music at your event is just right.

Because of this we can provide a musical setting that best reflects your needs from event size to budget. From background music to something that engages you and your guests more.

While our groups are jazz based they also do a wide variety of popular music from many decades to keep everyone happy.

We have done events for everyone from the Transport Association of Canada to the World Conference on Breast Cancer. We know the venues and we can book your Winnipeg event even if you are not in Winnipeg.

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Like a true business we accept all froms of payment




The Burton's Jazz Groups
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